Snickers PW L/S Shirt Cl3

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Vörunúmer: SN-8562

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Snickers PW L/S Shirt Cl3

Protective wear long-sleeve shirt that provides protection against heat, flame and electric arc. Class 3 visibility offers extra safety in low-light conditions.


Long-sleeve high-vis shirt with inherent heat and flame protection and certified protection against electric arc. The shirt also protects against lighter chemicals according to EN ISO 13034. High visibility according to Class 3 offers enhanced safety in low-light conditions. In addition, the shirt features press buttons for easy on and off in emergencies. Comes with convenient chest pockets with pen compartments. Combine with a ProtecWork jacket for even higher protection against electric arc.

  • Certified protection against electric arc
  • Inherent heat and flame protection
  • High visibility Class 3
  • Press-button closure for quick removal
  • Chest pockets with pen compartments
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