Saumlaus 37.5® Nærbolur


13.600 kr.

Seamless short-sleeve shirt that keeps you cool and dry during intense work in both hot and cold conditions. The slim fit design offers compression for working comfort while 37.5® technology provides enhanced ventilation and efficient moisture transport.

Snickers stærðartafla

Snickers stærðartafla

Saumlaus 37.5® Nærbolur


Lightweight and seamless short-sleeve shirt made of a highly functional 37.5® technology polyester fabric that offers enhanced ventilation and moisture transport during intense work in both hot and cold conditions. The moisture is quickly transported away from the body, keeping you cool, dry and comfortable. In addition, a seamless, slim fit design strategically positions various elements of the shirt to provide compression and ventilation at different areas of the body to ensure optimal working performance.

  • Quick-drying fabric
  • 37.5® technology keeps you cool and dry
  • Compression and ventilation features
  • Seamless, slim fit design
  • Light weight
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