Snickers PW L/S Welding Shirt


35.200 kr.

Long-sleeve welding shirt with certified protection for welding. Provides protection against heat, flame and thermal hazards of electric arc. Class 3 visibility offers enhanced safety during work in low-light conditions.

Snickers stærðartafla

Snickers stærðartafla

Snickers PW L/S Welding Shirt


High-vis long-sleeve welding shirt that provides certified protection for welding class 1 as well as general protection against various hazards in high-risk areas, including heat, flame and electric arc. The shirt also protects against lighter chemicals according to EN ISO 13034. High visibility according to Class 3 ensures safety in low-light conditions. In addition, the shirt features press buttons for easy on and off in emergencies. The shirt is made of a soft yet durable material and can be considered a lighter unlined jacket.

  • Certified protection for welding according to class 1
  • Protection against electric arc with antistatic properties
  • Inherent heat and flame protection
  • High visibility Class 3
  • Press-button closure for quick removal
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